Affinity improves phone access for patients

You spoke. We listened.

We’ve implemented a new phone process to improve your “access” to the clinic.

Q:  What can the Affinity representative help me with when I call the clinic?
A:  The representative can make appointments or tell you when your appointment is scheduled.  They can also put you in touch with the department you need such as triage, billing, West Campus outpatient lab or X-ray, Affinity Aesthetics, or a practice manager.

Q:  How can the triage nurses assist you?
A:  The triage nurses can assist with medication refills.  They can determine if you need to be seen by the provider or if you need to go to the ER depending on your medical complaint. They can also take a message and get it to your provider or his/her nurse. This can all be handled in a more timely manner.

Q:  Why are we making this change?
A:  In order to serve you more efficiently, we have placed representatives who are available to assist you immediately when you call so you don’t have to wait for callbacks, which could take as long as 72 hours.  Most of your questions can be answered by a triage nurse on duty.  If the triage nurse can’t answer your question, they will notify your provider.

Q:  Can I still contact my provider’s nurse?
A:  Yes, you can ask the representative to take a message and notify your provider’s nurse. When he/she has time, they will return your call. It could take up to 72 hours for your nurse to get back with you if you leave a message, but with the representative gathering the pertinent information to pass on to the nurse, this could reduce wait time.

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